How may we serve you?

We at MBRE have our own in house quality control department which we use in the manufacturing of CNC components as well as inspecting new parts for size, hardness and crack detection for the building of new engines and the rebuilding of engines as well.This allows us a level of quality control unsurpassed in the high performance engine industry.

MBRE is known for high performance engine component balancing because we balance components for many shops and mail order sales businesses . However we do much more than balance we are also equipped for knife edging crankshafts lighting flywheels. 

MBRE can machine and repair any aspect of a connecting rod from reconditioning to finishing and replacing pin bushings with accurate center to center machining centers for the boring and blueprinting of parallelism, and perpendicularity.

MBRE machines modifies lightens and balances flywheels and pressure plates for any type of high performance applications.


MBRE in house porting services include cylinder head and intake manifold development for all types of racing engines along with the latest in cylinder head equipment to produce the best results in HP and torque.

MBRE has align boring as well as align honing capabilities with machinery to produce the highest level of precision when replacing factory main caps with billet main caps for added rigidity and strength in the crankshaft main tunnel.

MBRE uses align honing process for finishing new blocks and even used blocks which do dot have main cap or saddle damage this procedure produces a finish superior to OEM finishes which helps in heat transfer out of the bearings as well as a better surface contact between the bearings and the block.

MBRE has the capability to hone for specific ring finishes and clearances using torque plates for just about any type of engine you may require . We have over 150 torque plates from Ferrari to Chevy and everything in between.

MBRE uses CBN inserts for the finest finish needed today when using multi- Layer steel gaskets fully tooled and equipped with blue printing tools for setting cylinder bank angles and deck parallelism from front to back of the deck surface in relationship to the crankshaft tunnel.